Cerebral Autoregulation, Brain injury, and the Transitioning Premature infant

Автор: Zachary A. Vesoulis* and Amit M. Mathur. Division of Newborn Medicine, Edward Mallinckrodt Department of Pediatrics, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO, USA

Temporal quantification of oxygen saturation ranges: an effort to reduce hyperoxia in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Автор: M J Bizzarro, F Y Li, K Katz, V Shabanova, R A Ehrenkranz and V Bhandari. Journal of Perinatology (2014) 34, 33–38; doi:10.1038/jp.2013.122; published online 26, September 2013

Pulse Oximetry with Clinical Assessment to Screen for Congenital Heart Disease in Neonates in China: A Prospective Study

Автор: Zhao Q., Ma X., Ge X, Liu F. , Yan W., Wu L., Ye M., Liang X., Zhang J., Gao Y., Jia B., Huang G., The Neonatal Congenital Heart Disease Screening Group. The Lancet. 2014 22 April

Pulmonary Outcomes of Early Extubation in Extremely Premature Infants (Gestational Age: 25–26 Weeks) with Synchronized Nasal Intermittent Positive-Pressure Ventilation

Автор: Eun Mi Choi, M.D., Jae Hyun Park, M.D., Chun Soo Kim, M.D., and Sang Lak Lee, M.D.

High-flow nasal cannula: recommendations for daily practice in pediatrics

Автор: Christophe Milési, Annals of Intensive Care, 2014, 4:29

Near-Infrared Cerebral Oximetry to Predict Outcome After Pediatric Cardiac Surgery: A Prospective Observational Study

Автор: Marine Flechet, MEng; Fabian Güiza, PhD; Dirk Vlasselaers

Relationship Between Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and Transabdominal Ultrasonography: Noninvasive Monitoring of Intestinal Function in Neonates

Автор: Devang H. Akotia, Jayson T. Durham, Kathy M. Arnell, Deborah L. Petruzelli, Anup C. Katheria

Testing a new NIRS method to measure regional mesenteric tissue oxygen saturation in preterm infants that compensates for meconium and transitional stool interference

Автор: M.M. Said, N. Niforatos, K. Rais-Bahrami

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