The official distributor of medical equipment

A demanded range of high quality and high-tech medical equipment.

To improve the quality of life of people and bring medicine to a new level, bringing to life safe, innovative and high-tech solutions in the medical ­eld.

The Tais Company was founded on May 4, 2011. Main the purpose of the company is to supply high-tech equipment and consumables for anesthesiology-resuscitation, neonatology and electrosurgery.

May 4, 2011 - Tais LLC was founded as a company that sells equipment for resuscitation,
anesthesiology and neonatology.
In 2011-2012 the company concludes many lucrative contracts with both health care facilities and regional distributors.
By the end of 2011, the company's revenue amounted to 42 million rubles, only 5 people worked.
In 2012 the company's employees managed to double their sales volume, new directions and distribution contracts. The market of consumables for mechanical ventilation is developing.
2012-2014 - A new agreement is being concluded with the leader in its ­eld - Masimo (USA).
2015 - there is a bold change in sales strategy, adaptive the current di‑cult economic situation in the country.

2015-2016 - direct agreements are concluded with Bowa (Germany), Hamilton (Switzerland), Medin (Germany). The number of company employees is growing.
2016-2019 - the key to the company's success is the style of sales, which consists in individual approach client.
2020 - one of the largest deal for the supply of medical equipment throughout the history of the company. The number of employees the company systematically moves towards the set goals, demonstrating positive results. Actively for respiratory support in the context of coronavirus infection is being promoted.

• Respiratory support devices and consumables (manufactured by Lowenstein Medical, Medin, Hamilton Medical, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare (until 2016)
• Non-invasive monitoring (Masimo, Casmed, Comen)
• Electrosurgery (Bowa)
• Nursing premature babies (Medicor)

A sought-after assortment of high quality and high-tech medical equipment delivered on time to the client on agreed terms and in accordance with favorable pricing policy, in full accordance with its needs and company standards, with high level of marketing and managerial support, fast and professional consultation and training, in an atmosphere of mutual trust.

The company actively invests forces and funds in marketing activities for doctors (oine and
online), develops service and after-sales services, provides continuous training of company
employees and partners.

The company's goal in 2020 is to achieve a financial turnover of 3 million euros, mainly in the direction of respiratory support.